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Useful Links on the Web

Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy:

For the website of Emily Fletcher, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Affiliate Professor of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and first holder of an endowed Mellon Chair, click here.

Check out the website of Terry Penner, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus.

For the web site of Alex Dressler, Assistant Professor of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Affiliate Professor of Philosophy, see Dressler.

See too the Department of Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Click here.

For electronic texts, commentaries and other useful information about ancient Greece and Rome, visit Perseus. See too Thesaurus Linguae Graecae.

For information about women and gender in antiquity see Diotima.

View The Ancient City of Athens.

For analyses of various ancient Greek philosophical texts see Project Archelogos.

For information about the Center for Hellenic Studies click here.

General Philosophy:

The best encyclopedias are the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

The American Philosophical Association:

APA Committee on the Status of Women here.

Directory of Philosophers from underrepresented groups in Philosophy here.

Statement about academic freedom in Wisconsin here.

Other Useful Sites:

Institute for Research in the Humanities.

Can't understand my English? Visit this site.

Check out views of news from around the world.